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For over twenty years we have grown Georgia Pecans as a family business. We take pride in the quality of our shelled and unshelled pecans including the Oconee, Desirable, and Sumner varieties. If you would like to take this opportunity to learn more about our operation and what makes our pecans just a little better than the rest, feel free to explore our site!
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Our business began in 1986 when founder and owner, Larry Jordan, planted the first pecan orchard at Wagon Hammock Nursery, Inc. Wagon Hammock Nursery is located on US 1 N in Lyons, GA. The city of Lyons is in Toombs county in southeastern Georgia. Southern Nuts was established in 2008. Southern Nuts is a proud family-owned and operated business operated by Debbie Jordan and her brother Michael Jordan. Since its beginning more than twenty years ago, Southern Nuts has continued to grow and sell fresh Georgia Pecans to some of the largest retailers in America. Southern Nuts produces and sells only the best varieties of Georgia Pecans, including the Oconee, Desirable, Sumner and Stuart varieties. Georgia Pecans Southern Pecans.
Oconee variety pecans originate from the Oconee tree. While these trees produce crops relatively early in their lifespan, its nuts are harvested from the middle to almost the end of October. Oconee pecans are large and of high quality. Desirable pecans live up to their name. These trees produce early in the season. The Desirable type is an oily variety of pecan, and is a favorite of tourists in Georgia. Sumner pecan trees are quite robust and resilient. Like the desirable sort, these trees also flourish early in the season, and produce wholesome nuts. Sumner trees do very well in southern states like Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. The Stuart pecan tree yields enormous amounts of nuts, and can be found all throughout the U.S.

At Southern Nuts, our grading and packing equipment is state of the art. As a result, careful production planning allows us to grow and distribute the best pecans available. 
Georgia is the number one pecan producing state in the country. Consequently, Southern Nuts and the numerous other producers in GA have a huge positive economic impact on our state.

We  added  Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 2019. This is the best olive oil you can get and the healthiest! Supply is limited so order yours today!

Sincerely, The Jordan Family

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