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Farm Fresh and Georgia Grown….Straight from the Farm….Straight from the Grower.

This is your one stop shopping for the freshest home grown Georgia Pecans and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Ask about our Chocolate Covered Pecans and Raw Local Honey!

If you would like different pounds or combinations of items, just call us.  912-526-9964




     2020 Farm Shelled (Cracked and Blown-95% meat….you still have to do a little pickin’!) 


  3lbs. $29.99 

5lbs  $45.99 

  6lbs  $56.99 

  8lbs $66.99 

  10lbs $85.99 


                                              2020 Custom Cleaned (Ready to Bake!)


  1lbs $19.99 

  2lbs $27.99 

  3lbs $36.99 

  5lbs $54.99 

  6lbs $69.99 

  10lbs $99.99 

  12lbs $123.99 


The 2020 “In the Shell” pecans (Only the In the shell!) are “Sold Out” for the season    

2020 In the Shell (You crack ’em and clean ’em!) Free Shipping!



                                               2020 Georgia Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1-375ml Bottle $39.99 

  2-375ml Bottles $59.99 



  “Sold Out for Season” all 3 “packages” we had available. (We are sold out of the chocolate and cinnamon glazed pecans until next season.)